Intelligence as a Service

Digital Surveillance

Detect and assess the threats and risks to your organization before they become visible.
Digital Surveillance provides a forward-looking view of business security, assisting in decision-making for future scenarios.
Data Processing


Technological Assets

Monitoring of technological assets. Detection of information exfiltration. Blacklists. Expertise in DarkNet and DeepWeb.

Virtual Profiles

Analysis of virtual profiles. Information gathering. Digital footprints. Deployment of virtual coverages. Indirect profiling of personality.

Business Intelligence

Estimative and competitive intelligence. Obtain all information prior to a decision.

Intelligent Competitiveness

Obtaining information from new technologies allows investigating and monitoring events, information leaks, relationships between individuals, groups, entities, etc., through the information available on social networks, forums, blogs, news, and deep & dark NET.
DARKDATA helps companies, organizations, and operators to monitor, analyze, and manage the vast amount of information generated and published daily.
Intelligence Unit

We track for your organization

Estimative intelligence providing processed data that anticipate events for preparing prospective reports. Reputational intelligence for monitoring events and information related to your assets. Logistics intelligence for efficient resource management.

Internet Surface

Spaces indexed by conventional internet search engines. Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, etc.


Unindexed space with structured and unstructured data. Private databases, Paste Sites, Discord, Telegram, etc.

DarkNET Networks

Data from dark internet networks such as ONION TOR, FreeNET, ZeroNET, I2P.

Customized Study

Schedule a meeting with our Digital Surveillance team to learn about tailored services for your company.

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