Intrusion Campaigns

Scheduled intrusion campaign simulation within an organization. Planning of attack vectors to evaluate the level of cyber resilience (risk management) and threat detection in a target organization. Simulation of Spear Phishing, SMS Spoofing, SPAM, DDoS, infected USB drives, etc.
Precise planning excluding personnel and teams, where the client receives attack information in real-time to assess their organization’s response. Evaluation reports and recommendations.

Real Assessment

Analyze organizational behavior in a simulated real attack.

Attack Simulation

Conducting a scheduled attack simulation is the best way to measure your company’s cybersecurity level.

Cyber Resilience Evaluation

Periodic evaluation of cyber resilience levels within a business organization.
  • Social Engineering Attack.
  • Technical Attack.
  • DDoS Attack.
  • Table Top Approach

Attack Planning

Scope Definition

Attack Execution

Real-Time Report (RT)