Why DarkData?

Advanced cyber solutions for top-level companies worldwide. DarkData brings years of experience as a trusted advisor to government administrations and critical infrastructures.

Intelligence as a Service

Defense to respond to new cybersecurity threats. DarkData provides intelligence that assists in investigating cybersecurity incidents while minimizing impact to keep your operations safer.


Intrusion tests (pentesting) in information and/or communication systems: Web, IT. Reverse engineering.

Incident Management

Cybersecurity incident mitigation, investigation, and resolution services. Technological expertise.

Intrusion Campaign Simulation

Scheduled intrusion campaign simulation in an organization. Assessment of cyber-resilience level.


Prevention and resolution of ransomware-type harmful code incidents. System decryption. Negotiation.


Monitoring of technological assets. Detection of information exfiltration. Blacklists. Dark & Deep Web.

Technological Fraud

Comprehensive protection against online technological fraud.


Digital identity protection. Analysis of unfair competition. Strengthening of online presence.

Tracking & Analysis

Gathering personal information. Searching in database. Obtaining digital fingerprints (IP, browser and version, operating system, javascript, active plugins…).

Legal Services

Technical support on legal matters.


Analysis and hardening of Industrial Control Systems on Operational Networks. Implementation of security plans with a holistic 360º vision.


Specialized training in cybersecurity and cyber intelligence for technical, management, and senior-level personnel.

DarkData Threat Hunting™

Active search for unknown threats in a system or network, using proactive techniques and advanced tools to detect and respond to potential security incidents that are not yet visible.

Industrial Cybersecurity

Audit and hardening of industrial control systems (ICS-SCADA). Operational systems are environments with specific knowledge, control, and auditing needs.


At DarkData, we believe that addressing these risks can only be achieved through the globalization of security, applying the concept of Comprehensive Security. This approach provides a holistic view of security and enables the design of a single corporate strategy that interconnects all areas of the company’s security (Master/Director Plan).
Comprehensive Security takes into account human, legal, social, economic, and technical aspects for managing risks that can affect all of the operator’s assets, whether critical or non-critical.
DarkData conducts its work with a cross-sectional view of security, conducting a detailed study of the operator’s current situation and its infrastructure, as well as the risks to which they are exposed and their security needs. This is done while maintaining a balance between operator security and service provision.

"Cyber war takes place largely in secret, unknown to the general public on both sides."

DarkData's CEO