Cybersecurity Assessment

Advanced Intrusion Testing [Pentesting]

Analyze any system from an attacker's perspective

The intrusion test (pentesting) analyzes information and communication systems, as well as networks from an offensive point of view. Organizational weaknesses are identified by obtaining vulnerabilities, penetration methodologies, and privilege escalation.

Web Pentesting

Detection of vulnerabilities in web & cloud technologies. Analysis of portal support systems and technologies, code, behavior, etc.

IT Pentesting

Technical cybersecurity assessments such as Red Team exercises for information and/or communication systems in IT networks.

Source Code Assessment.

Source code security assessments for secure programming and design verification. Application securing.

ICS-SCADA Pentesting

Cybersecurity assessment and securing of operational environments (OT). Modular and tailored action plans.

Intrusion Campaign Simulation

Simulation of scheduled intrusion campaigns in an organization. Planning attack vectors to evaluate the level of cyber-resilience (risk management) and detect threats in a target organization.

Stress Testing (DDoS)

Simulating Denial of Service (DoS and DDoS) attacks on an organization’s infrastructure with the goal of evaluating the stress capabilities of the target technology and infrastructure.

Complementary Services

The management of technological risks in the business world is considered a fundamental area for achieving the established objectives within organizations.

Through the use of proprietary methodologies, DarkData offers technical advice on security to decision-makers, providing relevant information and intelligence to help optimize and manage risks.

Reports on malicious code and emerging threats.

Technical reports on emerging threats and risks. Malware Reversing. Early detection.

Technical expertise

Computer assessments of information systems, anomalies, intrusions, or incidents. Legal tests for inclusion in judicial processes. Counter-expert reports. Technical advice. Expertise in misleading advertising, unfair competition, or breach of contracts. Crimes against intellectual or industrial property. Scams and fraud through new technologies. Sabotage or destruction of computer media. Misuse of information systems. Unauthorized access to confidential information.

Detection & Alert

Cyber incident investigation. Forensic analysis of information and communication systems. Threat assessment. Malware sample reversing. Extraction of indicators of compromise. Traffic analysis and threat assessment.

Security Assessment

Communication design and architecture studies. Detection of weaknesses and improvements.

Regarding hardware assessments, we conduct detection and exploitation of vulnerabilities in commercial and industrial hardware devices (SCADA). Access and analysis of memories (Flash, ROM, RAM, EEPROM, FPGA…). Analysis of communication and data interfaces.

Hardware reprogramming (modifications, recompilations, and reprogramming).

Critical Infrastructures

Preparation of compliance documentation under Law 8/2011, establishing measures for the Protection of Critical Infrastructures (CI) in Spain.
  • Development.
  • Presentation.
  • Review and maintenance.

Operator Security Plan


Specific Protection Plan


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