Management & Resolution Cybersecurity Incidents

Mitigating, investigating, and resolving cybersecurity incidents in information and communication systems.

Custom Interventions

Remote face-to-face technical assistance 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Malware, phishing, CEO Fraud, APT; are some of the threats where our team of experts can support your organization.

DarkData, through the use of proprietary methodologies, provides technical security advice to decision-makers, offering valuable information and intelligence to optimize and manage risks.

Support when you need it most

Security Breaches

Not all information and system compromises are visible, at least not initially. Security breaches are one of the current challenges in the cybersecurity paradigm.

We work with the best sources of information and digital coverage to identify and obtain the stolen information before it becomes public.

We implement threat containment plans from the ground up. DarkData has information obtained from primary sources (underground).

Advanced Threats

Mitigation, investigation, and resolution of complex cyber incidents caused by Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), which, due to their complexity and international scope, exceed the boundaries of your IT or Security Department.


We specialize in preventing and mitigating cyber incidents caused by ransomware.

We have the capability to decrypt numerous families of this malware.

Agile Process

You will be guided by the best experts at all times, utilizing real-time information.


Urgent preliminary meeting


System impact evaluation


Threat definition & Mitigation


Investigation and resolution of the incident

Industrial Cybersecurity

We provide cybersecurity for industrial automation and control systems (ICS-SCADA).

The integration of IT and OT is one of the system’s vulnerabilities. It is necessary to apply a layer of cybersecurity to all stages of production, regardless of the systems’ etiology or external connectivity.

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