Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions

Cyber Security to Keep Your Business Safe

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Intelligence as a Service

Unlimited Vision & Instant Response

Defense to tackle new cybersecurity threats


Any company is only one cybersecurity incident away from disappearing.

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Cyber Intelligence

We minimize uncertainty in projects and operations at a national and international level.

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Technology applied to the protection of information, operations, and companies.

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Cutting-edge Technology

Protect Your Company from Attacks & Threats

Advanced cyber solutions for top-tier companies worldwide. DarkData brings years of experience as a reference advisor to Government Agencies and Critical Infrastructures, as well as to private sector companies.

Cyber Security & Intel Solutions

DarkData is comprised of a team of professionals with extensive experience in both the Public and Private Sectors, especially in the areas of Cybersecurity and Intelligence.

We are a provider of comprehensive information security solutions, as well as private intelligence. We provide tailor-made solutions with maximum transparency and confidentiality. We provide answers where conventional commercial solutions do not reach. Intelligence as a Service.

Cybersecurity Incident

Detection / Monitoring / Mitigation


Intelligence Unit

The Intelligence Unit‘s main objective is to detect and assess threats and risks to your organization before they become visible.

Decision-making has become the greatest challenge for public institutions and private corporations in the face of current changing scenarios.