Littigation Support


Litigation Support

Document Drafting

Crafting Legal Documentation with Technical Precision.

Counter-Expert Reports

Addressing the Complexity of Technology to Ensure Valid Evidence.



Provide new data for your legal process. Whether you are a company in an internal litigation or a law firm, the eDiscovery service will support you.

Forensic Computing

Artifact and Code Analysis

Early Analysis

Expert technical information to assess the legal viability of the process.

Legal Investigation

Obtaining new defense or accusation avenues in any type of process (business or judicial).

Technical Defense

Provision of necessary technical and evidential tools on which to base the argumentation of the legal defense line.

Data Recovery

Extraction and recovery of data from protected or damaged devices.


Data Breach?

When a violation of the security of personal or sensitive data occurs, both containment and subsequent legal response to various requirements (users, AGPD, CNPIC, etc.) are as important.
Determining what was lost and what the cause was is as important as knowing who to notify. Excessive notification generates unnecessary costs, while inadequate notification generates compliance issues.
We can develop an action plan with a holistic approach that combines technical mitigation and investigation with strong support for your Legal Department.