Technical Support for Insurance Companies

Regardless of the business sector, information and communication systems are susceptible to cyber incidents.

We provide support to insurers in resolving and reducing the impact of cyber incidents in cyber insurance policies for businesses.

Immediate Response

Immediate Response

Immediate response to any cybersecurity incident through the 24×7 SOC


The client activates the cyber risk policy based on one of the contracted coverages.


Emergency meeting between the insurance company, the client, and DarkData to assess the appropriateness of intervention, the impact of the incident, and the affected parties.



Swift intervention by DarkData’s incident response team to mitigate and resolve the issue.


Detailed report on the threat, implementation of remediation measures, and best practices.

Cybersecurity Experts 24H


Technical Support & Compliance


Remote Intervention


Response SLA

Ransomware Cyber Extortion Experts

At DarkData, we provide an advanced solution to incidents of harmful ransomware code. We implement advanced prevention and monitoring solutions. DarkData has the capability to decrypt hundreds of families of ransomware malware.

Experts in Ransomware

DarkData is a service provider specialized in the prevention and mitigation of ransomware-type malicious code.

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Cyber Incident Management

Comprehensive solutions for the mitigation, investigation, and resolution of cybersecurity incidents in information and communication systems.

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SOC 24x7

24x7x365 SOC services for companies. Intervention in the mitigation and resolution of cybersecurity incidents. DETECT, PROTECT & RESPONSE.

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Advanced cybersecurity assessments. Attack simulations for companies. Red Team.

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Littigation Support

Technical support in legal processes. Expert examination and counter-expertise. Technical documentation.

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Technological Fraud

Prevention, investigation, and resolution services for technological fraud.

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The technical-legal support for insurance companies is an exclusive service for insurance and reinsurance companies.